The Carroll County Review

The Carroll County Review is a legal newspaper serving the seven communities in Carroll County. It is a 1970 consolidation of four weekly newspapers that date its beginning to 1863. One of those four newspapers is The Chadwick Review that began publication in 1898. The others are: The Lanark Gazette, 1863; The Shannon Reporter, 1897; and The Thomson Review, 1875.

The Review has regularly attended and reported on the monthly meetings of the Chadwick Village Board since current publisher Jon Whitney's father, Kenneth, was named editor of The Chadwick Review in 1934 and moved to Chadwick. That tradition continues today.

The Carroll County Review
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APRIL 29, 2015

Newspapers: Fact Sheet


"Although the public conversation about newspapers focuses on the shift to digital, most newspaper reading still happens in print. According to readership data from Nielsen Scarborough’s 2014 Newspaper Penetration Report, 56% of those who consume a newspaper read it exclusively in print, while 11% also read it on desktop or laptop computers; 5% also read it on mobile; and another 11% read it in print, on desktop and on mobile. In total, more than eight-in-ten of those who read a newspaper do so in print, at least sometimes. Only 5% read newspapers exclusively on mobile devices."